Here’s Why You Should Go Caravan Camping

Are you looking to go on holiday this year, but you’re not in a position to spend a huge amount of money on flights and hotels? Well, fortunately, we have an awesome alternative: caravan camping. Sure, it’s not quite the same as being laid besides a pool, or on the beach in the Caribbean. However, there are so many benefits to – camping floor mat , which you may have not even though of. Let’s take a look…


1 – Relax and unwind

Caravan camping is incredibly relaxing. That, and there’s little to stress about when you’ve spent very little money on a trip to the countryside. You don’t have to worry about all of the day-to-day nonsense. Switch off from the world and enjoy your own slice of paradise for a little while.

2 – The great outdoors feels amazing

You need to reconnect with nature from time to time, and caravan camping is one of the best ways of doing so. Sure, you’re not in a tent, but you can still be outside, hiking, climbing trees, jumping into lakes and building fires! That’s what its all about.

3 – It’s cheap

Again, caravan camping is an affordable alternative to going abroad.

4 – Quality family time

Whether you’re going away with friends, family, or both, caravan camping will give you a unique opportunity to connect and spend some quality time with them. Bring plenty of board games and let the festivities begin!

5 – Stargaze

The best thing about being out in the sticks is the fact that you can stargaze, away from all of the light pollution. If you find the right spot, you should be able to lay out under a mesmerising display of stars in the sky. Some camping mats for your caravan will allow you to slay out a nice lazy spot so that you don’t have to lie on the grass or the dirt. Or of course, you could take a couple of cushions onto the roof!

6 – Learn new skills

Camping is a great opportunity to work on some new skills. For example, have you ever tried making a fire from scratch while sitting on or plastic mat

Sure, you could just use a lighter, but why not try and have fun and see who can successfully do it the old school way? That, and you can cook some awesome dishes if you succeed!


These are just a handful of the benefits that come with camping, there are so many more! Not to mention the fact that it’s an incredible amount of fun! You’ll get to meet new people, spot wildlife, and you’ll feel amazing as well; we really cannot overstate the mental health benefits of a camping holiday. And if you want to do it on a budget and save even more money, or you need a polypropylene rugs check out recreational mats for some incredible savings